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Couples Trip

September 11-16, 2023


The southern city of Dubrovnik in Croatia is the most visited city in the country, and with good reason. As one of the last remaining walled towns in the world, a walk through town is a walk through time and along with the views and weather, Dubrovnik is truly an amazing travel destination.A city of red-tiled rooftops, pine- and cypress-shaded hills, and sparkling turquoise waters, the Old Town of Dubrovnik stuns with both its architecture and scenery. Its surrounding stone walls, built between the 11th and 13th centuries to protect the city from war and epidemics, stretch for a full 1.3 miles, comprising an immense system of forts, bastions, and walkways that offer breathtaking views. 



Book Your Flights

Purchase your flight and email us your confirmation number so we can arrange transportation to and from the airport. 


Check Your Passport 

Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay. 


Complete the Survey

Each traveler will need to complete the Croatia Survey


Purchase Activities

Purchase your desired activity tickets at the bottom of this page. Each traveler can purchase one activity per person. All activities will occur on September 15th. Please purchase your desired activity tickets at the bottom of this page no later than July 15th. 


Croatia has had one of the hottest summers on record which will make for a nice and warm September. Temperatures could be as high as 80 degrees. We recommend packing light and airy pieces that can be layered in the evening. We will be sightseeing during the day so bring comfortable shoes and clothing you feel comfortable walking and riding in. On our day at sea, please bring or wear your swimsuit with a cover up or dry clothing. For women we recommend maxi/summer dresses, lightweight pants or shorts, tank tops and short-sleeved shirts. We do not recommend stiletto high heels as we will be walking through the Old Towne for most of our dinners. Sandals or a block heel would be better. For men we recommend dress shirts, polos, light weight t shirts and pants as well as shorts. Dinner dress code will be business casual and our Farewell Dinner will be an opportunity to dress up if you are looking for one!


Please remember to pack your passport and any medications you require. Please bring a Type C or Type F plug adapter for your electronics. If you get car sick please bring something with you for the day we drive through the country side (as a precaution). As always, with the flight connections we have, we recommend packing a carry on with enough items to get you through the first few days if luggage is lost along the way.


Sunday, September 10
Scattered Arrivals


Monday, September 11
Scattered Arrivals
6:30 PM - Welcome Dinner at Hotel


Tuesday, September 12

Breakfast at Leisure
10:00 AM -10:30 AM - Groups Depart for Old Town & City Walls Walking Tour
Lunch in Old Town following Tour
Afternoon at Leisure
7:00 PM - Group Dinner


Wednesday, September 13

Breakfast at Leisure
10:25 AM - Day at Sea Exploring Surrounding Islands
12:00 PM - Lunch at Bowa
4:20 PM - Arrival Back to Hotel Excelsior
Evening at Leisure


Thursday, September 14

Breakfast at Leisure
8:10 AM - “Into the Countryside” Driving Tour
12:10 PM - Group Lunch
3:30 PM - Arrival Back to Hotel
6:00 PM - Small Group Dinner


Friday, September 15
Breakfast at Leisure
Optional activities 

  • ATV

  • Kayaking under city walls

  • Salt,wine and oyster tour

  • Game of Thrones Tour

  • Shopping Tour

  • Cooking Class Without Electricity

4:00 PM - Critical Questions
6:30 PM - Farewell  Dinner


Saturday, September 16
Scattered Departures


Sunday, September 17
Scattered Departures


Mike & Aileen Birch - Action Target

Charlie & Annika Alexander - Alexander's Print Advantage

Nick & Whitnie Alexander - Alexander's Print Advantage

Ken & Marci Thompson - AlignOrg Solutions

Terry & Lisa Grant - Altabank

Tony Rickards & Corrinne Horton - Archer Mechanical

Russ & Khara Westergard - B10 Capital 

Aaron & Sara Drussel - Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

Peri Cook & Chad Eggertsen - Big Rock Industries

Brandon & Jill Bliss - Bliss Investments LLC

Brandon & Rachel Ball - Blue Diamond Capital 

Chris & Angie Arambula - C-Level Strategy

Jim & Gay Bennett - C-Level Strategy

Brandon & Michelle Burbidge - CIANA Lighting

Paul & Margaret Liljenquist - ClearView

Jeff & Christine Rich - CoreBridge

Dave & Aimee Jardine - Dave Jardine 

Shawn & Elizabeth Barber - Devfinity

Dan & Patricia Nelson - Global Stone & Tile

Kevin & Tessa Santiago - Greenlight Hospitality 

Brian & Erin Tenney - JourneyTEAM

Craig & Kari Weston - Kane Springs Development LLC

Robert & Amy Walker - Kirton McConkie

Chad & Crystal Magleby - Magleby Construction 

Greg & Aimee Weeks - Max Connect Digital 

Phil & Nanci Case - Max Connect Digital 

Brooke & Robert DeWyze - Moreton & Company

Todd & Julie Smith - Moreton & Company 

Dave & Nicole Hall - MotivHealth

Jeremy & Shannon Barker - Murphy Door

Paul & Sarah Jarman - Nice CXone

Brandon & Karley Radmall - Paul Davis Restoration

Jay & Haley Davis - Pillow Cube

Tim & Teresa Wright - Quick Quack Car Wash

Grant & Kristin Collard - Redstone Residential 

Rick & Denise Fielding - Rick Fielding

Isaac & Becky Childs - Rustico

Blaine & Michelle Richardson - Saela

Justin & Betsy Mabey - Steward Ventures

Jerry & Melanie Henley - The Connor Group

Mike & Karrie Harker - ThoughtLab

Jeff & Anna Rust - Truss

Kylee Rampton - Truss

Ed & Ashley Axley - UBA

John & Andrea Briggs - UBA 

Chris & Jodie Olsen - UBA

Spencer & Bahar Ferguson - Wasatch I.T.

Kelly & Annette Ward - Zions Bank

"If you want to see paradise on Earth, come to Dubrovnik."

- George Bernard Shaw



Hotel Excelsior Dubrovnik


Overlooking the intoxicatingly blue Adriatic and the UNESCO-protected Old City of Dubrovnik, the Excelsior’s situ is unbeatable. For the full sensory experience, take a stroll along the stone jetty, where blooming jacaranda trees lend an almost honeyed haze to the air and the sound of the waves fills your ears, before making your way through the winding streets to the ancient city’s heroic gates. 


  • Shopping Tour
    Shopping Tour
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    Have a guided shopping tour through Old Town Dubrovnik. Lunch is not included.
  • Kayaking Under the City Walls
    Kayaking Under the City Walls
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    Go on a kayaking and snorkel adventure in the Adriatic! Lunch is not included.
  • ATV Excursion
    ATV Excursion
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    See the beauty of Dubrovnik on an off-road adventure! Lunch is not included.
  • Oysters, Salt & Wine of Ston
    Oysters, Salt & Wine of Ston
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    By boat and land, taste your way through Ston at a Salt Farm, Oyster Farm & lunch at a family tavern.
  • Cooking Class in the Croatian Countryside
    Cooking Class in the Croatian Countryside
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    Experience cooking in the Croatian countryside without electricity. Duration is 6 hrs.
  • Game of Thrones Tour
    Game of Thrones Tour
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    September 15, 2023
    Get the ultimate fan experience of GoT as you visit many of the filming locations for Kings Landing! Lunch is included. Duration is up to 4 hrs.
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