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May 06-11, 2024


Flung onto the foggy fringe of the Atlantic pond like a mossy millstone, Ireland drips with mystery, drawing you in for a closer look. The Irish culture — with its intricate art and mesmerizing music — is as intoxicating as a pint or two of Guinness. And today's Ireland is vibrant and cosmopolitan, yet warm and down to earth. You may not find the proverbial pot of gold, but you'll treasure your encounters with the Irish people, who've earned their worldwide reputation as witty, musical, moody romantics with a quick laugh and a ready smile. Come join them.


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*Coming Soon*

Image by Aldo De La Paz

"May your joys be as deep as the oceans.
Your troubles as light as its foam.
And may you find sweet peace of mind, Wherever you may roam. 

- Irish Proverb


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Adare Manor


A cherished heritage of Irish hospitality has been distilled into the spirit of welcome you feel within these walls. Adare Manor was a labour of love from the very start, created to delight, astonish and impress. That legacy is vividly alive in the manor house itself: sumptuously restored, brimming with gothic splendor, and perfectly appointed in every detail. It is reflected by a world-class staff whose personalized, intimate service centers you in the heart of the home. As you roam the 840 acres of pristine parkland, dine in our Michelin star restaurant, play your way through the magnificent golf course, and sound the depths of relaxation in the spa, you will start to understand the soul of Adare Manor. It’s prestige without pretense and magic without nonsense. Above all, it is the sense of belonging. You are known. You are family. You are home.

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