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February 17-24, 2024


Tahiti is the largest of French Polynesia’s 118 islands and atolls in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is located about halfway between Los Angeles, California, and Sydney, Australia. Tahiti and some of the smaller islands, still hold that isolated, remote, and almost otherworldly feeling. Turquoise-blue lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, romantic overwater bungalows, lush mountains, and unblemished coral habitats fill your days. There is something absolutely mystical and magical about French Polynesia. It's what dream vacations are made of.


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The life of the land is the
life of the people. 

-Tahitian Proverb


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Paul Gaugin Cruises


Paul Gauguin Cruises offers small luxury cruises to idyllic destinations in Tahiti, French Polynesia, Fiji, and the SouthPacific. Designed specifically to sail French Polynesia’s lagoons, the renowned Paul Gauguin is the highest-rated and longest continually sailing luxury ship in the South Pacific. No other luxury vessel in history has offered this level of single-destination focus and expertise on a year round basis for such an extended period of time. Paul Gauguin Cruises is known for exceptional service that is distinguished by Polynesian hospitality and by one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios at sea.The opportunity to experience each destination in the most authentic, in-depth, and meaningful way is the very essence of luxury cruising with Paul Gauguin Cruises. Aboard our luxury vessel, you can choose from a wide array of shore excursions by land and sea that let you discover the dramatic beauty, rich history, and unique culture of your destination up close, in a small group.

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