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Couples Trip
February 17 - 24, 2024


Tahiti is the largest of French Polynesia’s 118 islands and atolls in the southern Pacific Ocean. It is located about halfway between Los Angeles, California, and Sydney, Australia. Tahiti and some of the smaller islands, still hold that isolated, remote, and almost otherworldly feeling. Turquoise-blue lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, romantic overwater bungalows, lush mountains, and unblemished coral habitats fill your days. There is something absolutely mystical and magical about French Polynesia. It's what dream vacations are made of.



Book Your Flights

Purchase your flight and email us your confirmation number so we can arrange transportation to and from the airport. 


Check Your Passport

Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the period of stay. 



DL 2167 Depart SLC 9:00 PM Arrive LAX 10:11 PM
DL 8769 Depart LAX 11:50 PM Arrive PPT (+1) 6:15 AM ​


DL 118 Depart PPT 7:45 PM Arrive LAX (+1) 6:10 AM
DL 1434 Depart LAX 9:59 AM Arrive SLC 12:56 PM


We are arriving at 6:15 am on 2/17, but cannot embark until 3:00 pm - what will we do?
We have arranged a breakfast for everyone flying early into Pape'ete. You can store your luggage at the breakfast location during the day while you explore the main market in town until it's time to embark on the cruise ship. 

Do we HAVE to stay on island on 2/21?
Absolutely not! Your room on the ship will remain available for you to stay in for the night of 2/21. Unfortunately the Four Seasons would not allow us to contract a group rate for one-night only (2/21/24, with checkout on 2/22/24). As such, and since staying on-island is optional, you are responsible for booking your on-island stay at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora. On 2/21 in Bora Bora, attendees will take the normal tender from the cruise ship. The Four Seasons is on its own small island and they provide transportation pick up as part of your reservation. 

We have a later departure time on 2/24. What do we do with our luggage between disembarkment and our flight departure?
There is an option to purchase a day pass at the Intercontinental Hotel in Pape'ete for 2/24/24. The hotel has only 45 individual passes available, on a first-come, first serve basis. The day passes would allow you to drop your luggage, spend the day at the pool lounging until you're ready to depart for the airport. For pricing and more information, please book one pass per person directly through the day pass website here

We are flying in a day early, and/or departing a day late - do you have any hotel recommendations?
If you are planning to extend before or after your trip for a day or so, we suggest booking accommodations at the Intercontinental Hotel in Pape'ete

We would like to extend our trip for a few days beyond February 24 - do you have any recommendations?

  • If you'd like to stay a few extra days at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora beyond our trip dates, there are a few things to be aware of: The Four Seasons is on its own small island and they provide transportation pick up from the port of Bora Bora as part of the reservation. You are responsible for arranging and booking your stay at the Four Seasons Bora Bora. Since our cruise will disembark on 2/24 in Pape'ete, you would be responsible for arranging your transfer on 2/24 from Pape'ete to Bora Bora. We recommend flying from Pape'ete back to Bora Bora if you choose to extend in Bora Bora. The Four Seasons is incredible, but definitely a more expensive option in French Polynesia. 

  • If you'd like to stay a few extra days beyond our trip dates without the high price tag of Bora Bora, we have had a few couples from the group reserve a few extra nights in Moorea. You are responsible for arranging and booking your stay in Moorea. Since our cruise will disembark on 2/24 in Pape'ete, you would also be responsible for arranging your transfer on 2/24 from Pape'ete to Moorea, your ferry from Moorea back to Pape'ete, and your transfer from the dock back to the airport for your departure. We highly recommend staying at either the Sofitel Kia Ora Moorea Beach Resort or the Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa. If you choose to extend in Moorea, you do have the option to disembark from the cruise ship on 2/23 and remain on Moorea for your extension. If you choose to disembark on 2/23, you will miss the final dinner on the cruise ship. If you'd like to stay on the ship and disembark in Pape'ete, we recommend booking a ferry from Pape'ete back to Moorea on 2/24.


Friday, February 16
Scattered Departures from SLC

Saturday, February 17
Scattered Arrivals in Pape'ete
3:00 PM - Embark on Cruise Ship
6:00 PM - Cruise departs

Sunday, February 18


Monday, February 19 


Tuesday, February 20

Motu Mahana, Taha'a Island

Wednesday, February 21 

Bora Bora

Group Excursion
**Optional overnight stay on-island in Bora Bora (We recommend staying at the Four Seasons, with checkout on 2/22)

Thursday, February 22 

Bora Bora

Friday, February 23
Moorea Island

Return to Pape'ete (Option to disembark this night)

Saturday, February 24
7:00 - 9:00 AM - Disembark Cruise Ship

The life of the land is the
life of the people. 

-Tahitian Proverb


Mike & Aileen Birch - Action Target

Alan & Jen Bott - ALCO Construction

Jeff & Ann Alexander - Alexander's Print Advantage

Charlie & Annika Alexander - Alexander's Print Advantage

Nick & Whitnie Alexander - Alexander's Print Advantage

Conner & Krystel Ruggio - AMBIA

Tony Rickards & Corrinne Horton - Archer Mechanical

Chris & Nichole Jensen - Axomo

Cory & Emilia Moore - Big-D Construction

Peri Cook & Chad Eggertsen - Big Rock Industries

Brandon & Jessica Hatch - Big Rock Industries

Russ & Jil Taylor - Big Rock Industries

Brian & Annette Fruit - Bike Peddler and Timpanogos Cyclery

David & Christy Engel - CCI Mechanical

Adam & Megan Fife - CenCore

Paul & Margaret Liljenquist - ClearView

Chris & Angie Arambula - C-Level Strategy

Jeff & Christine Rich - CoreBridge

Dave & Aimee Jardine - Dave Jardine

Brad & Becky Allen - Davies Allen

Shawn & Elizabeth Barber - Devfinity

Jake & Teresa Baadsgaard - Disruptive Advertising

DJ & Laurel Dorff - Executech

Russell Burnett & Guest - FreeFlowing Solutions

Kevin & Tessa Santiago - Greenlight Hospitality

Craig & Kari Weston - Kane Springs Development LLC

Robert & Amy Walker - Kirton McConkie

Joe & Lindsay Hudson - Magleby Construction

Chad & Crystal Magleby - Magleby Construction

Richard & Denise Parkinson - Magleby's

Chris & Brittaney Cahoon - Mecca

Todd & Julie Smith - Moreton & Company

Scott & Kristen Johnson - Motivosity

Sterling & Stephanie Nielsen - Mountain America Credit Union

Norm & Dolly Wright - Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine

Jonas & Kailea Persch - OFS Interiors

Brandon & Karley Radmall - Paul Davis Restoration

Chari Pack & Mark Hale - Persnickety Box

Jon & Janae Moss - RBM Services

Jon & Jen Erickson - RBM Services

Ken & Emily Taylor - Redmond, Inc

Rich & Holly Day - Rich Day Group

Brady & Andrea Murray - RODS HEROES

Tommy & Ashley Aoki - SkyShare

Ted & Stephanie Broman - Smart Staffing

Brandon & Liz Mackay - SnugZ USA

Parker & Ashley Bennett - Solid Ground General Contractor

Justin & Betsy Mabey - Steward Ventures

Terry Lyman & Liz Fröme - Terry Lyman

Jeff & Anna Rust - Truss

John & Andrea Briggs - UBA

Kimball & Rebecca Hodges - Wasatch Energy Management

Bahar & Spencer Ferguson - Wasatch I.T.

Jesse & Julie Mecham - YNAB

Reed & Kierstin Laws - Your Employment Solutions


Paul Gaugin Cruises


Paul Gauguin Cruises offers small luxury cruises to idyllic destinations in Tahiti, French Polynesia, Fiji, and the SouthPacific. Designed specifically to sail French Polynesia’s lagoons, the renowned Paul Gauguin is the highest-rated and longest continually sailing luxury ship in the South Pacific. No other luxury vessel in history has offered this level of single-destination focus and expertise on a year round basis for such an extended period of time. Paul Gauguin Cruises is known for exceptional service that is distinguished by Polynesian hospitality and by one of the highest crew-to-guest ratios at sea.The opportunity to experience each destination in the most authentic, in-depth, and meaningful way is the very essence of luxury cruising with Paul Gauguin Cruises. Aboard our luxury vessel, you can choose from a wide array of shore excursions by land and sea that let you discover the dramatic beauty, rich history, and unique culture of your destination up close, in a small group.

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