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Adventure Trip

June 19 - 24, 2023


Belize is home to some 400 Cayes, which range from tiny islets studded with mangroves to larger white-sand destinations that offer secluded cabanas and endless relaxation. Widely known for diving and snorkeling, Belize is home to the world’s second-largest barrier reef, which includes the famous Great Blue Hole. The barrier reef also provides endless fishing flats making it the mecca for saltwater fly fishing. It is the ideal location to get a fly fishing grand slam, catching a permit, bonefish, and tarpon in one day. Unspoiled beaches, lush jungles, rich and authentic culture, endless adventure, pristine reefs, friendly locals, delicious food, and uncrowded Maya ruins all await you in Belize.



Book Your Flights

Purchase your flight and email us your confirmation number so we can arrange transportation to and from the airport. 


Check Your Passport 

You must have a valid passport for the length of your stay in Belize. Make sure you bring it with you!


Take The Survey

Each traveler will need to complete the Belize Activities Survey .


Complete the Waiver

Each traveler will need to complete the Truss Travel Waiver.


Monday, June 19
11:25 AM - Arrive in Belize City 
1:30 PM - Private transfer to San Pedro via AirTropic 

2:00 PM - Arrive in San Pedro

2:30 PM - Transfer to Villas via boat 
2:45 PM - Check-in & lunch at Playa Villa

Location - Brahma Blue Resort 

3:30 PM - Free Time
7:00 PM - Group Welcome Dinner
Location - Playa Villa, Brahma Blue Resort 

Tuesday, June 20 
Grab and go breakfasts at the Villas 

6:00 AM - Divers depart for day 
6:45 AM - Fly Fisherman depart for day 

8:15 AM - Reef Fisherman depart for day 
Lunch at excursion 
Scattered arrivals depending on activity
6:30 PM - Depart for dinner via boat 
7:00 PM - Dinner
Location - Blue Water Grill 
8:45 PM - Head back to the Villas 

Wednesday, June 21 
8:30 AM - Group breakfast at Villas 
9:30 AM - Depart to San Pedro 
10:00 AM - Group Catamaran Day 
- Ride around the Caye 
- Lunch on the beach 
- Visit Shark Alley to see sharks & rays 

5:30 PM - Night divers depart for dive 

5:30 PM - Head back to Villas (if not night diving)

8:00 PM - Night divers arrive back at Villas

8:00 PM - Private group dinner on the beach 
Location - Playa Villa

Thursday, June 22

Grab and go breakfast at at the Villas 
7:00 AM - Fly fishers depart for day 

7:45 AM - Deep sea/spear-fishers depart for day 
Lunch at excursion 
4:15 PM - Arrive back at Villas 
6:15 PM - Depart for dinner via boat 
6:45 PM - Dinner 
Location - Evlie's Kitchen
8:15 PM - Private Barcade Experience 
- drinks & games to enjoy, endless tokens! 
9:45 PM - Depart back to the villas 

Friday, June 23 
Grab & go breakfast at the Villas 

6:45 AM - Divers depart for the day 
7:00 AM - Fly Fisherman depart for the day 
Lunch at excursion 
4:00 PM - Arrive back at Villas 
6:30 PM - Farewell dinner on the beach 

Location - Playa Villa 

Saturday, June 24

8:15 AM - Breakfast at the Villas 

9:05 AM - Ferry from villas to San Pedro 

Transfer from docks to San Pedro Airport 

10:00 AM - Small fly to Belize City 

10:20 AM - Land at Belize City Airport 
Group departures from Belize City Airport back to states 


  • Passport

  • Medications/ibuprofen/allergy meds

  • Sunglasses & Hat, SPF & anything necessary for you to be outside all day 

  • Any necessary electronics

  • Casual clothing for when we aren't adventuring

  • Fishing Gear (if you wish to, we will have anything you will need via the guides there as well)

  • Wet Suit and/or mask (only if you wish to, we will have anything you will need to dive via the dive shop there) 

  • Water appropriate shoes and/or clothing depending on the adventures you chose 

  • Swimsuit

  • Proof of Scuba Certification Card (actual card or on the PADI app)


Belize boasts the second largest barrier reef in the world spanning the whole coastline - and visible from space, it's no wonder it is home to some of the most incredible natural wonders and adventures. 


Tony Rickards - Archer Mechanical 

Pierre Champion - Bestige Holdings

Chris Arambula - C-Level Strategy 

Bennett Maxwell - Dirty Dough Cookies

Russell Burnett - FreeFlowing Solutions 

Shane Rickard - Harmon Brothers LLC

Jared Taggart - Puurk

Megan Clark - Truss 

Jeff Rust - Truss 

Tyler Sorenson - Turf Equipment



Brahma Blue Resort, Ambergis Caye


Brahma Blue is an all-in-one secluded boutique resort nestled on its own private sanctuary, an oasis with a unique location across the lagoon in the heart of San Pedro “La Isla Bonita” Ambergris Caye, Belize’s most desired tourist destination.

Overlooking the beautiful turquoise water, harmonizing the natural elements of the Caribbean Sea with the serenity of our quiet surrounding, nature and lush gardens – our accommodations boast a Caribbean coastal flair partnered with meticulous service and exclusive amenities unique among luxury resorts in Belize & the Caribbean.


DL 477 Departs SLC 11:35 PM Arrives ATL 06/19 at 5:17 AM
06/19 DL 1983 Departs ATL 10:15 AM Arrives BZE 11:21 AM
DL 1802 Departs BZE 12:46 PM Arrives ATL 5:53 PM 
DL 660 Departs ATL 9:15 PM Arrives SLC 11:18 PM 

DL 907 Departs SLC 5:15 PM Arrives ATL 11:00 PM *Overnight in Atlanta*
06/19 DL 1983 Departs ATL 10:15 AM Arrives BZE 11:21 AM 
DL 1802 Departs BZE 12:46 PM Arrives ATL 5:53 PM 
DL 660 Departs ATL 9:15 PM Arrives SLC 11:18 PM 

UA 2321 Departs SLC 7:00 AM Arrives IAH 11:03 AM 
UA 1569 Departs IAH 11:58 AM Arrives BZE 1:28 PM
UA 1906 Departs BZE 12:55 PM Arrives DEN 5:15 PM 
UA 5335 Departs DEN 7:02 PM Arrives SLC 8:39 PM

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